Update From Dad May 11, 2010

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Good day! Just dropping by for some updates.

Just last Friday the musical instrument lesson that J took end. They had a simple recital which J played the “We Are The World” of Michael Jackson. She played it using chords. But it was good. I was looking at J’s hand for the timing and mistakes, but really I have never seen one. I am satisfied with her performance.

Now, J went with her mom in [M], to stay for a couple of days before going back to school. For such a long time she didn’t visit her cousins and uncles and aunts and many more. And it will be also a good time to look for some things that she needs in [D] (remember this place).

J was asking us to go swimming. She really like to swim so much. Hopefully we can do that before class begins. Well, I like to swim too because it is so hot now here. I think more hotter than the time you last visited here. Hummmp … have no choice. This is our weather here. HOT!


A much needed update. March 22, 2010

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It is not the family’s fault, but mine in not keeping up with updates.  They do send me emails and I have just not had the time to keep up with the updates.  Here is one I recieved today:

Good day to you! I do hope your okay though tired, I know. I am here just to give you updates about [J]. School will be over this week. Their final exams are over and now they are just working for their clearances and other matters in school. [J] retains the 4th position in the academic. But, according to the school … the department of education in the [SE Asia] gave new rule. That, events and other involvement of the student like competitions, school meets, activities, etc … will have additional points. So, academic will not be the only basis for grading system but also the students involvement to all activities. 70% will be given for the academics and 30% for the activities. Because of the slight differenceof [J]to 5th position and the 6th position, the student in the sixth position had a big score in the activities, that 6th student became the 4th and [J] became the 5th. Janet was really upset about this because parents were not informed before about the said changes in the grading system. She wanted to make an appeal. But I just told her if that is the new policy, even if we are right, they will still stick to this new rule. So, the end is, [J] have the 5th position and will be recognize this coming Monday, March 29. As for me I am upset as well. But, I just leteverything to God. I also talked to [J] that we have to work double next time to be atleast in the 3rd or higher. Will send you copies of the recognition day. And still we thank you for all your prayers. Hope to hear from you.


July Update July 13, 2009

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Good morning from (SE Asia)!

Just want to give few updates about [J]. So far she is doing fine in her studies. Next month it’ll be their first quarter examination. That means we have to be ready and prepare [J] for that exam. In her quizzes she’s doing above average. Hopefully it would result well next month. But I know the competition is more heavier now since all the good students are together in their class. Just do hope she will continue to give her best.

Last month was a very awful story happened. But thank God it didn’t get worst. An accident happened and her eyeball was unintentionally hit by her classmate. The teacher did not rush her to the hospital immediately. The time the my in-laws brought her to the hospital the doctor said that if it was infected the one eye might lost sight. It is good nothing happened. She’s okay now. And last week she became sick for four days. It is good that I was there and i was able to take care of her. Now again, she is okay.

I do hope you are all okay there. We heard about some news happening in the states. I pray all is well with you.

Take care always!!!


Graduation May 6, 2009

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 I recieved an email saying that J has had her graduation ceremony for this school year.  Her parents are very proud that she graduated third in her class and recieved awards and medals.

Her dad also writes:

Now, the church that we are attending here in the province had a music training.   So, we let [J] attend the training. it started yesterday.   [J] chose the voice training.   Hopefully this will also develop her other skills.

Actually, I sent you e-mail to inform you about [J]’s enrollment.   It will be this month.   I understand the situation, the ongoing crisis.   Whatever available would be of big help.   Incase it is not possible, just let us know and we understand.   The amount I mentioned the last time is big.   As I told you whatever will be available is fine.   Also the school accept partial payments.

Above all this, I am very thankful to God for His protection.   Last week a big tornado came in our place in the province.   Many houses were greatly affected.   The big miracle is our house there is not.   Though one big tree beside our house, one of its big branch fell and hit our roof.   But the hand of God was there and made the wind threw that big branch to the other side of the house. It hit the roof a little a made a big dent but that is all.   Praise God for it!


Accomplishments March 31, 2009

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It was annouced yesterday that Janelle is the third best student in her class. I am really happy about this. Also, she will be receiving two best awards which as of now we don’t know what it is. Whatever would that be we are so happy for Janelle’s accomplishments. In the first quarter she is in the third position. In the second she became fourth. In the third she turns fifth and we think the reason is because she didn’t join the field trip in their school which they said that the rest got plus points because they joined to that event. It is sad for us at first after we heard the news. But when I looked at the grades, for me, they are all great. All grades went up high. Then from the fifth position she was able to make it to the third again. PRAISE GOD!!! I’ll try to document the recognition that will happen this coming Monday.


Exams August 11, 2008

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I’m happy to announce that J got good grades on her first monthly exams. In her 12 subjects 3 got perfect score of 100% that is in reading, language, and music; 2 got one mistake and math is included; another 2 has two mistakes that is in science and speech; and the rest has 3 and 4 mistakes. She got one subject that is failure of 68%. And the funny is it is from Filipino subject. But actually we want to contest it because the instruction is not clear that is why we think J and maye some other kids got confused. And we also notice that the standard of the school is so high that every mistakes in the exams will affect so much. So, we are happy of the result and hopefully J will continue this and workout this subject that has failure grade.


Some pictures July 21, 2008

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